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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

23 weeks

How Far Along: 23 weeks 5 days

Baby is now the size of: an ear of corn- 8.5 in, 1.5 lbs

Baby's little face is fully formed...minus the baby fat, of course. The next task at hand for baby: sprouting two teeny-tiny nipples!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have gained 15 pounds so far.

Gender: Baby Braxton is a little BOY!! Knox Pittman Braxton :)

Movement: He is moving ALL the time, especially after I eat. I cannot wait for everyone to be able to feel him!

What I miss: Being able to drink all the Diet Dr. Pepper I want. I limit myself to one soft drink/day, normally
 only days I work.

Sleep: Getting up every 2-3 hours to pee. Shane has been sleeping in the guest bedroom/future nursery the last few nights because I "sleep in the middle of the bed covered by pillows."

Symptoms: Feeling super full after eating. I have to limit myself to several smaller meals rather than 3 large meals.

Notes: Went to hip hop dance class last night and did well considering a bulging belly. So funny trying to do bicycle crunches with a melon in my stomach! So enjoyed the exercise!! Also, bought several baby items & clothes from a friend the night before her yard sale. And, received lots of adorable maternity clothes from another friend. We are so lucky :)

"To-do" items:

- Clean out & repaint the guest bedroom in preparation for Knox :)
- Start our registry for baby items

Cravings: apples & grapes

Best Moments this week: Enjoying the nice weather :)

What we are looking forward to: Upcoming doctor's appt later this week.