..all because two people fell in love..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well, to answer the question we keep hearing, "so, when are ya'll going to have a baby?"

The answer is, we aren't sure. We are living/enjoying life one day at a time and when it happens, it happens. So, right now our only "babies" are our adorable Pit Bull, Mas & our friends' precious baby, Gavin.

Mas, at 7 years old, is a baby himself. Spoiled rotten but sweet as sugar :)

This was his wedding attire.

Lazy dog!!

Our other baby is Justin & Nicola's little man, Gavin. Gavin and Shane share the same birthday, Jan 3. He is the most precious little thing EVER!! He sure does love his "auntie jorjor" ;)

Gavin (a couple of months ago) laughing sooooo hard at Shane.
We were able to record some of it
on the camcorder on Shane's cell phone so Justin & Nicola could see.

Gav & Aunt JorJor

The big boy with Uncle Shane.
(Aren't his little tennis shoes so cute?!)

So, right now we are enjoying our babies, Mas and Gavin.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life as a married couple

Well, it has been almost 4 months of life as Mrs. Shane Braxton and honestly, I feel no different than I did years ago. The biggest reasoning for this is more than likely our years of cohabitating. Living together prior to marriage helped us learn how each other really act. We learned to work out the "kinks" of living together years before we were ever married. So, now we are able to just enjoy married life without the frustrations that many newly married couples have; such as, adjusting to no longer living alone, no longer having an entire bed to yourself, and learning to share the same bathroom. Learning to feel for the toilet seat in the dark, picking up a never ending pile of dirty clothes (and clean ones that were never hung up or put away in dressers and somehow managed to make it to the floor), cooking for a bottom-less pit, and keeping enough Red Bull to ensure a "caffine headache" doesn't ensue are things I have become accustomed to over the past few years. But, other than these mild adjustments, life is as simple as ever!

Shane and I are continuing to keep up the exercise routine we started prior to our wedding with some new towering priorities, such as football games and now hunting. We try to run 2-3 miles several days a week. I am hoping now that the weather is getting cooler we will be running more often. During the summer we were having to run late at night when it wasn't as blistering hot and the humidity wasn't as severe. Now, we will be able to go for a run before I go to work or as soon as Shane gets home from work. Late at night, after sitting on the couch watching tv for hours, makes it a little more difficult to actually get up and go. Laziness I suppose ;) We are hoping to run in a few more 5K's coming up this fall.

Work for both of us is going great. Shane is now working later in the afternoon now that it is "prime farming season." And we are staying busier than ever at the hospital. We are both so blessed to have such great jobs that we both love!

So, to sum it up, life is going great so far as a married couple :)